Tech(know)logy: An introduction

Technology can be absolutely amazing – it can remember massive amounts of things, it can blaze through an infinite number of tasks, and it can enable you to do more and do it faster. Yet many people find it daunting and downright frustrating. Most of us are open to new technology for our personal life, but less often in at work and in our professional lives.

Technology can be a massive driver for your life, your work, and your business. It can be like having 10 extra staff working 24/7 without fail, without complaint – and they don’t need any extra coffee.

Technology is driving thousands if not millions of companies to famed success and on the flipside constantly dragging other businesses down and out.

I love technology, I love the pace and I can’t wait for the next change, the next version, the next best thing. It’s my job to help others appreciate and embrace the same. Leveraging technology to better their business. Connecting systems otherwise disconnected and bringing reliability to otherwise broken networks.

In a series I’ll call “Tech(know)logy”, I’m going to try and simplify the latest and greatest tech trends.  Showing you what’s out there and how you can use it in your life, work, business.  Stay tuned.