Friday Feature: Meet Merritt

This is Merritt. He is part of our Instant Support Group. He's a cool guy and an even cooler member of the Leading IT team.

Merritt and his girlfriend Dana, volunteering at Helping Paws Woodstock

I was born in…
Mahopac, NY (fun fact: they had a real referendum on how its’ spelled)

What do you do at Leading IT?
I’m on the frontlines of the Instant Support Group so I talk to the customers, answer questions. We have a saying in ISG “if it has an internet connection we work on it.”

Describe Leading IT in three words…
Three words doesn’t do it justice. Everyone that works here has life experience beyond our years. This allows us to work with different people from different industries. We’re outgoing, which is an advantage and we’re capable of holding a conversation with anyone about anything. Our team has been friends for years too which helps.

If you know me you know…
I love to get to know what’s below the surface about everyone

What would your superpower be?
Mind control

Where would you be found 4pm on a Saturday?
Hiking with anybody anywhere. I used to build trails for Benchmark Trails, a hand cut trail company.

If you were a drink, what would you be?
Bloody Mary…because every time you have one it's different. Every time I meet a new person they get a different first impression.

Tech tip you wish everyone knew?
Follow instructions to a tee. Do you remember that following directions activity in school? The first or second step was to skip to the end and not do the activity. Sometimes fixing a problem is as simple as following directions step by step.

Why do IT guys get a bad rep?
Sometimes they come off as condescending, but what people don’t understand is their intention is to confirm things, not to indicate you don’t know the info. The only way to know that is going on is to ask? People tend to find questions invasive. Your IT person has to be outgoing to overcome that condescending tone. That is the biggest challenge for an IT person and will always be. You can’t change human nature.