Meet the Team | Allie Yazel

Meet the Team | Allie Yazel

I was born in…
McHenry, IL

What do you do at LeadingIT?
I am the one and only Marketing Manager here at LeadingIT. I also help field sales calls and bring in prospects. I think of myself as the first line of defense when we get a new prospective client.

Describe Leading IT in three words…
Moving. Forward. Always.

If you know me you know…
I wear a lot of hats (figuratively, not in actuality)

What would your Super Power be?
Mind reading

Where would you be found 4pm on a Saturday?
Working on my creative novel or slinging cocktails where I work part-time

If you were a drink, what would you be?
An earl gray gin cocktail… seems sweet but has some bite to it

Tech tip you wish everyone knew?
Check your connections

What has been your biggest challenge as a marketer?
I previously came from an advertising agency in Chicago. IT Support is a whole new and complex industry for me. I’ve had to learn a new tech-based lexicon and how to operate in a smaller suburban market.

Why do IT guys get a bad rep?
I think the disconnect between the average human’s vocabulary and a techie’s vocabulary can cause major frustration; especially over the phone. Our team does a great job of finding the right words to use when troubleshooting so our clients understand what to do and why. They might even learn something along the way.

What is one thing you couldn't live without?
My passport- I love to travel