Once Upon a Time an IT Company Gets Hacked…

You may not be worried about getting hacked, but what happens if your IT support company does?

Think about this, your IT company has ALL the keys to the kingdom. If they were hacked, then believe it or not, you've probably been compromised too.

If they aren't constantly preaching the importance of security in YOUR business, then what might we guess about THEIR own practices?

Think about that as a potential target -- why target ONE company when you can target an IT support company that manages and controls 20 or 50 or 150 other business networks. What then?

LeadingIT practices what we preach. How we've taken extra steps and protocols to secure our network, our data, and access to OUR CLIENT networks:

1. Unique and strong passwords for EACH of our client networks
You'd be surprised to know that some of our competitors were known to use the SAME password for EVERY one of their clients -- lazy and completely insecure.
2. Two Factor Authentication on our systems internally
Our tools and systems now require 2FA
3. Unique and STRONG passwords on each of our support tools

So ask your IT company what THEY do for security. Their tech practices should be a direct reflection of their recommendations to your business.