5 Email Security Awareness Warning Signs

This email is from someone outside my organization and it's not related to my job responsibilities.

I was cc'd on an email sent to one or more people, but I don't personally know the other people it was sent to.

Is the email message a reply to something I never sent or requested?

Do I have an uncomfortable gut feeling about the sender's request to open and attachment or click a link?

I hover my mouse over a link that's displayed in the email message, but the link-to address is for a different website.

A bad place to click this week

Let's walkthrough a very typical Office 365 phishing campaign and then review the ramifications.You receive an email like the above, notice the misspelled email address in the FROM: field.  Also, see the inconsistencies in the capitalization.IF you click the link you end up at similar looking but "hacked" SharePoint page with another weird link.

Cybersecurity is now a MUST have department in your organization

MORE than ONE in every FOUR users is susceptible to clicking on a phishing email potentially creating any of the below scenarios (once they are properly educated – this number falls to below 3%).
These scenarios are ACTUALLY happening - we are unfortunately seeing them unfold EVERY WEEK.

These "bad guys" are really smart criminals trying to coerce your team members in to giving up credentials, access, data, or worse - company funds.

If you don’t want all of your email STOLEN, DELETED, or all your contacts to know you’ve been hacked READ THIS…..

If you (ever) click an email link like the one above and logged in with your password – you’ve given your entire mailbox to hackers. With access to your credentials via these “phishing emails”, they can then take over your inbox, DELETE all your email, steal any client or CONFIDENTIAL data, they then email malicious content to ALL of your contacts, and it can get worse.

Once Upon a Time an IT Company Gets Hacked…

You may not be worried about getting hacked, but what happens if your IT support company does?

Think about this, your IT company has ALL the keys to the kingdom. If they were hacked, then believe it or not, you've probably been compromised too.

If they aren't constantly preaching the importance of security in YOUR business, then what might we guess about THEIR own practices?

Think about that as a potential target -- why target ONE company when you can target an IT support company that manages and controls 20 or 50 or 150 other business networks.

These hackers warned Congress the internet was not secure. 20 years later, their message is the same.

Twenty years ago this week, a collective of young hackers came to Washington with a warning for Congress: Software and computer networks everywhere were woefully insecure. During that now-infamous hearing in May 1998, one told senators that “any of the seven individuals seated before you” could take down the Internet in just half an hour.

Wellness Wednesday | Ways Emotional Intelligence Can Make You a Better Leader

We've all heard the phrase Emotional Intelligence floating around lately. It seems to be a buzz word in the business world. So what is it exactly? Emotional intelligence (EI) or emotional quotient (EQ) is the capacity of individuals to recognize their own, and other people's emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, and to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior.