Meet the Team | Josh Laemont

Josh Laemont always gets the last word...and it's usually sarcastic. Humor in the IT world is much appreciated. Josh celebrated one year of tech support and laughs with us earlier this year.

I was born in…

Rolling Meadows

What do you do at LeadingIT?

Instant Support Group (ISG)

Describe LeadingIT in three words

Driven, Evolving, Fun

If you know me, you know…

No situation can’t be made worse with a sarcastic comment.

Building a Better Business Through Cyber Resiliency

What is Cyber Resiliency?

Simply put, cyber resilience is a measure of how well an organization can operate its business during a data breach or cyberattack. Security teams have measures in place to detect and stop attacks, and they have recovery plans for the inevitable breach, but can they, along with IT, keep critical business processes such as order fulfillment, customer service, or accounting operating during a crisis?

Not everyone has to be a security pro, but those in development or in other technical roles must understand security’s importance to the larger organization.

Wellness Wednesday: Standing DESKercises You Should Try on Lunchbreak

It’s Wellness Wednesday and finally Spring in Chicagoland! Fortunately, the LeadingIT office has lots of window and natural light pouring in. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to pull our monitors outside and work in the front yard (no matter how tempting). With Summer around the corner, bikini bods are on our minds! Our adjustable desks make it easier for us to stand while working.

Meet the Team | Andy Latos

From roasting his own coffee to solving clients' toughest tech issues, Andy is a great asset to the LeadingIT team. Andy just celebrated his four year anniversary with us in February.

I was born in…
Born in Barrington but lived in Woodstock for most of my early life.