New Email Encryption Threat and What You Can Do About It Now

There’s a price to pay for the increased efficiency and reach enabled by the digital age. We’ve all heard the story before. A massive, multinational corporation neglects some aspect of their security and falls victim to a crippling large-scale cyberattack, with criminals lifting millions of dollars in customer data and digital assets.

Meet the Team | Allie Yazel

I was born in…
McHenry, IL

What do you do at LeadingIT?
I am the one and only Marketing Manager here at LeadingIT. I also help field sales calls and bring in prospects. I think of myself as the first line of defense when we get a new prospective client.

Friday Feature: Meet Jeff Combs

I was born in…
Here in Woodstock

What do you do at Leading IT?
Benchwork and On-site. I set computers up and deliver them and set them up on-site. I also assist in delivering servers and networking equipment, and doing physical setup on-site.

Friday Feature: Meet Merritt

This is Merritt. He is part of our Instant Support Group. He's a cool guy and an even cooler member of the Leading IT team.

I was born in…
Mahopac, NY (fun fact: they had a real referendum on how its’ spelled)

What do you do at Leading IT?
I’m on the frontlines of the Instant Support Group so I talk to the customers, answer questions.