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Enhanced prevention and security, user training, and education
across your organization.

Train your staff about the latest cybercrimes and how to spot phishing emails which can prevent account compromises and even major financial loss. Test your users with fake phishing emails to gain insight on how much risk exists across all users and to ensure the training reduces said risk.

We will implement a user security and training program called KnowBe4 – this will help your team identify threats and prevent them from inadvertently leaking company information or worse.


of cybersecurity attacks target small businesses


of users fall for phishing attack


of adults in the US use the same or very similar passwords across multiple online services

Be alerted anytime your employees leak a password into the public Internet and have a LeadingIT technician help address password changes and teach best practices.

We will implement Dark Web monitoring that will trigger an alert if your information has been stolen and disclose what information has been stolen.

Prevents cybercriminals from logging into email or accessing your company data even if they have your password, all while keeping logins easy and convenient for you.

We will implement two-factor authentication powered by Duo which prevents unauthorized access to your email, VPN, and many other services.

Enhanced filtering blocks malicious and potentially unsafe links and attachments from reaching your Inbox that most email systems do not normally catch. Each employee can fine-tune their list of allowed or blocked senders via daily quarantine email notifications.

We will implement an enhanced SPAM filter on Office 365 to prevent malicious and phishing emails from getting to the inbox.

Most email providers only have 30-day retention in case of accidental or malicious deletions. With Backupify, you get 1-year backups of not just email, but also chat and file sharing data such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft OneDrive.

We will implement a backup service on your Office 365 accounts that will BACKUP everyone’s entire email, calendar, and contacts.

Latest generation endpoint protection. In the event of ransomware, it provides a rollback mechanism.

Huntress provides powerful monitoring and analytics of your fleet and informs LeadingIT if something slips by, how it got through, and how to manually remove it, and permanently prevent it from happening again.

companies report losingdata stored in cloud-basedapplications


of small businesses go out of business within 6 months of experiencing a cyberattack


of small businesses are allocating a budget to cybersecurity