Top 5 Steps to Securely Work From Home

We know that working from home can be new to some of you, perhaps overwhelming as you adjust to your new environment. One of our goals is to enable you to work as securely as possible from home. Below are five simple steps to working securely. The best part is all of these steps not only help secure your work, but they will make you and your family far more safe as you create a cyber secure home.

How Does Cybersecurity Affect Me (and my business)?

Now the term cybersecurity is plastered all over the news and articles on the internet but… what IS cybersecurity?!
You've seen the data breaches of big companies like DoorDash and Yahoo. You've seen ransomware attacks that have led to city shut-downs in Baltimore, Lake City, and 22 Texas cities just this year.

#clickslowly: Is It a Phishing Email?


What is a phishing (or spoof) email?
A phishing or spoof email is an email that is falsely disguised as a person or entity you know. Often times the email will indicate to take action by clicking a link in the email or open an attachment in the email.


Here is just one example of how our all-inclusive, NEXT GENERATION technology support provides the best to your Chicagoland business to remain productive and continue to grow in your business success.

Setting the scene: Late night, after our client's business hours on a weekday.

Thing #2: Enable 2FA. (But what is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and why is it so important)?

Simply, two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection for user accounts. To log-in, you’ll need something you know (your password) and something you hold (such as your smartphone).

First things first, passwords are NOT good enough. Just like continuously changing technology, cybercrime is ever changing and has unfortunately becomes more commonplace.

Thing #1: Prepare for the End of Windows 7

Our 3 part-series, 3 Things Every Business Needs to Accomplish in the Next 6 Months, launches today. The first article in our series is regarding the critical process of preparing for the end of Windows 7. 


Do Windows pop-up's on the corner of your computer annoy you? Those reminders aren't there to pest you, but to warn you about the critical end of Windows 7. In January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported or patched by Microsoft.