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Cybersecurity Is Do or Die

Our IT support team works 24/7 to keep your network safe as other employees interact with phishing emails and click on malicious links every day, exposing your systems to the risk of unauthorized access. When bad cyber actors comprise a single gadget, say an employee’s work phone or tablet, they can access almost your entire network.

Your staff is your weakest link in the war against bad cyber actors, and ironically, also your first line of defense.


Of cybersecurity incidents come from staff


Of small and medium-sized businesses close within six months of a data breach

How we Cybersecure your organization

Train your staff on cybersecurity

Employee Cybersecurity Training is a Core Component of Compliance Requirements. We enroll your staff in regular cybersecurity training exercises, creating your first line of defense against cybercriminals.

Implementing MFA (multi-factor authentication)

Your Cyber Liability Insurance is now requiring MFA to continue your coverage. Ignoring this critical cybersecurity layer will result in significantly increased insurance rates or worse, cancelation of coverage.


Cyber attackers thrive on stalling operations by denying organizations access to their crucial files. With offline, easy-to-retrieve copies of your data, you avoid undue pressure that may force you into paying ransoms.

Continually monitoring your system for threats

Having an IT support team monitoring your systems 24/7 can help you identify and thwart threats on time before they get serious.

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