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September 12, 2018 | By stephen

A Bad Place To Click This Week

Let’s walkthrough a very typical Office 365 phishing campaign and then review the ramifications.LeadingIT, cybersecurityYou receive an email like the above, notice the misspelled email address in the FROM: field.  Also, see the inconsistencies in the capitalization.LeadingIT, cybersecurityIF you click the link you end up at similar looking but “hacked” SharePoint page with another weird link.

And you end here — where the scammers are hoping you’ll input your Office 365 email and password.  At which point they have the “keys to the castle” so to speak.

From here, they will spam and scam ALL of your contacts, they will DELETE all of your mail, they will STEAL any data in your mailbox and more. Think about how much “gold” could be in any of your teams email account?  Banking information, confidential data, client or patient information, credit card information, W2s, financials, and more.

Think before you click and watch out for phishing scams like this.

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