Are You Taking An Expensive Gamble With Your Company’s IT Security?

Hi! My name is Stephen Taylor, owner of LeadingIT. As you can see I’ve enclosed a blackjack hand with this letter. Why have I done this? Actually, there are two reasons…

  1. First, I have something important to tell you and I wanted to make sure I got your attention, and…
  2. Since most folks are more interested in playing cards and sipping iced tea in the summer than computer upgrades and security, I thought this would be an appropriate eye-catcher.  

This Ain’t Vegas – It’s A Surefire Winning Proposition!

Have you ever played Blackjack? It’s very simple…face cards are worth 10 points, Aces are worth 11 or 1 and the numbered cards are worth their numbers (2,3,4 etc.)  So I’ve sent you your “opening hand” and here’s the deal: you look at your cards and see what you have. Ready?

If you have a blackjack (21), we’ll do a complete on-site Network Audit and Tune Up, Absolutely FREE!

If you have less than a 21, you still win a…

… a FREE CyberSCORE assessment. Our painless, confidential CyberSCORE will uncover the ways hackers will get into your network. Our assessment will provide your organization with a CyberSCORE that identifies the inefficiencies and vulnerabilities of your IT infrastructure. You will be shocked by what we uncover. Just call me at 815-788-6041 to schedule.

Why Should You Care About Getting “21” To Secure A FREE Network Audit And Tune Up? Consider This…

There are a multitude of ways hackers and viruses can access your network– undetected—to embezzle your information, steal your identity, and use your network as a conduit for spreading spam, viruses, and even illegal software.

There are numerous checks and updates that should be done on a weekly – if not DAILY – basis to ensure maximum speed, performance, and security. Ignore them and your system will get progressively slower, unstable, and susceptible to viruses, spyware, and hackers.

Tape backups have a failure rate of 100% – this means all tape drives will fail at some point without warning. You don’t want to find out your backup was not working the day after your hard drive was erased.

But what should concern you the most is the fact that we’ve never audited a small business network and NOT discovered security or stability “time-bombs” that were major disasters waiting to happen. Although I’ve never looked at YOUR network, I’d be willing to gamble that I could find one or more problems with your security, backups, or stability that need to be addressed immediately.

That’s because most small business owners don’t have the time or expertise to give their network the attention and support it needs and end up ignoring small warning signs that trouble is brewing. Then – WHAM – your network goes down, e-mail stops working, or your database gets corrupted. When that happens, you not only have to deal with the unexpected downtime, but you’re also getting zinged by the emergency support costs AND the risk of losing your data forever!

Bottom line, if you are NOT checking your network’s security on a regular basis, you ARE at risk for a sudden and potentially devastating disaster…and can your business really afford to be down, even for an hour?

What Happens In Vegas Stays There…But When You Have A Service As Good As Ours, You Don’t Want To Keep It A Secret!!

Eventually, you need a IT provider you can trust…one with great references, many years of experience and outstanding customer service and attention to detail. While you’re at it, why not make sure that they use remote monitoring tools so you don’t have to wait around for a technician to show up and who can PROACTIVELY watch over your network to make sure you never experience a major disaster or extended downtime.

You might even demand one with fast + friendly technicians who ALWAYS answer the phone. A provider that offers All-Inclusive support with the flexibility to complete projects without expanding your budget. Why gamble with one of the biggest investments in your business?

Why Are We Giving All Of This Away…FREE?

The Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) mandates all U.S. businesses to conduct cybersecurity assessments on their systems at least twice per year. A cybersecurity assessment identifies vulnerabilities, high-risk practices, or threats hiding in your systems. It checks whether you have all the necessary policies, procedures, and protocols in place and if they are working effectively.

Don’t Be The Next Ransomware Victim.

Our painless, confidential CyberSCORE will uncover the ways hackers will get into your network. Let our team of experienced professionals take a 2nd look and give you peace-of-mind knowing your organization is protected. There are no strings attached and we’ll gladly provide you references of happy clients who are right here in Chicagoland to vouch for our work. But you have to secure your free gifts before September 1st or we’ll be forced to take our free services off the table!

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