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September 10, 2018 | By stephen

Cybersecurity Is Now A Must Have Department In Your Organization

MORE than ONE in every FOUR users is susceptible to clicking on a phishing email potentially creating any of the below scenarios (once they are properly educated – this number falls to below 3%).
These scenarios are ACTUALLY happening – we are unfortunately seeing them unfold EVERY WEEK.

These “bad guys” are really smart criminals trying to coerce your team members in to giving up credentials, access, data, or worse – company funds.

If they got into your EMAIL – what DATA would they have? Private or personal info? Banking or payroll information?
What if they had access to other team members email? Like financial, payroll, engineering departments – what data and access might they have then?
What if they were posing to you as your clients and vendors?
If they misguided your accounting people – might they be able to steal THOUSANDS of dollars via wire transfer? Or could it be worse than tens of thousands? All while seeming like every day usual course of business with clients and vendors.
What if they DELETED everything in your email inbox?
If they got to your CONTACTS – what mayhem could they ensue? How much damage would they do to your clients or colleagues?
If they got into any other systems with the SAME password? Your bank? Your VPN?  Your financial software?
If your username or password was already EXPOSED on the Dark Web?
If any one of these things happened to your organization, what would the negative impact be? Or could it very well TOPPLE your organization?

EVERY ONE of us needs to get serious about this.  Educate your people and take it seriously.

We have NEW solutions that will PROTECT from a few different angles:
We need to EDUCATE our teams to IDENTIFY and avoid these situations.
We need to better control ACCESS to email and other critical apps because simple password security is no longer sufficient.
We need to better prevent phishing and malicious emails from getting in to our organizations.
We need to ensure that email accounts have the same BACKUP levels that our servers and data do.
We need to MONITOR for any data and credential leaks on the dark web.

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