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August 29, 2018 | By stephen

If You Don’t Want All Of Your Email Stolen, Deleted, Or All Your Contacts To Know You’ve Been Hacked READ THIS…

If you (ever) click an email link like the one above and logged in with your password – you’ve given your entire mailbox to hackers. With access to your credentials via these “phishing emails”, they can then take over your inbox, DELETE all your email, steal any client or CONFIDENTIAL data, they then email malicious content to ALL of your contacts, and it can get worse.

PLEASE watch out for emails like this and others solely designed to mimic things like Office 365, Chase, UPS, Fedex, etc. They are NOT legitimate.
Your Office 365 account WILL NOT “be locked”, “fail to sync”, “mailbox full” or the like.

If you are ever unsure, or think something just isn’t right – GIVE US A CALL.

Also, we have a solution that absolutely STOPS all of this – WorkplaceSECURE which I talked about last October and again yesterday.  Check your inbox for “FW: We need to talk security (again)” or reach out to us.

Stay safe,



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