Dura-Tech Now Together With LeadingIT

dura-tech - leadingit

Today, Dura-Tech Enterprises has joined LeadingIT, a Chicagoland IT and cybersecurity support company. I’m Stephen Taylor, for the last 12 years we’ve built LeadingIT as a company that cares about its team members and its clients FIRST. We are joining together under LeadingIT for 3 big reasons:

  • Efficiency – together our combined company will be more efficient and be able to quickly support your technology needs
  • Security – our combined team will be able to better protect your organization from cybersecurity threats
  • Reach – better support and reach across all of Chicagoland with THREE locations and team working from anywhere in between

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How will this acquisition affect the support I receive? Will existing quotes, prices, and contracts be honored?
All existing support will continue as-is without interruption.

Will Todd, Jayson and Max be staying with the team?
Absolutely. AND every other Dura-Tech and Webfoot team member alongside.

Where do we call or email for support?
Same as always.

Tell us more about the team at LeadingIT?
Our team has grown past 35 team members with more than 25+ engineers to layer up support, meet them.

Where is LeadingIT located?
We FULLY cover Chicagoland with an office in northwest suburb of Woodstock, IL + downtown Chicago + now, Manteno, IL.

Service Map LeadingIT Chicago - Dura-Tech Joins LeadingIT