Your First Day

Congratulations, and welcome! Watch and learn from the others on the team, get setup and be ready. Your welcome email will lead you through the basics.

The First Thirty

You are going to be working hard. We will be spending a lot of time getting you up to speed as we train you on the tools and techniques.

LeadingIT Specifications

At LeadingIT, we’re doing technology support differently. No more of the “it’s not covered” “not our problem” “I’ll get to it later” mantra here. We are young, agile, and we get things done.

LeadingIT Departments

 Customer Service – Technology support, answering emails, answering the phones, on-site support and more. That is your department.

 Sales – Pitching upgrades, picking up new clients, always looking for new opportunities, and even creating quotes. Yep, that’s you.

 Human Resources – Looking for new talent and new team members, interviewing. That’s you too.

Company Values

LeadingIT is a Chicagoland cyber security and cloud support company supporting local businesses with 20-200 staff in many different industries including government, non-profits, manufacturers, and construction

Our mission is to: SAVE Chicagoland organizations from cybersecurITy threats and subpar IT support. While we positively IMPACT a growing team, our clients, and the community around us.

We just get IT done.

We own ALL technology issues and do it right the first time, quickly. Sometimes we make mistakes, but we fix them transparently. We work smarter, each and every day.

We foster community.

We maintain great relationships. We collaborate as one team. We are intentional with whom we work with. We keep a team of rock stars. We integrate into our client’s business. We give back in our commu-nities. We are creating a leading culture

We constantly improve.

We are proactive about what we do. We prevent emergencies. We are always adapting. We continue growing. We are leading our industry. We provide cybersecurity protection. We are living wholly successful healthy and happy lives. We have a growth mindset

We create happy clients.

We go above and beyond, we are helpful and friendly, we have reciprocal respect. We are responsive, and we communicate effectively. We are client focused.

The Fun Stuff

Dress for Success Look good, period.

Acceptable – collared shirts and slacks or nice jeans. Unacceptable – shorts (unless we are golfing), sandals (unless you are on vacation). You will be provided with LIT apparel.

I’m Sick!

It happens to all of us and if you are totally miserable, or have anything that could make the rest of us miserable then please stay home and get better. This includes your mental health as well! You will be paid for up to 5 days away from work per year due to illness, with no carryover to the following year. If you make it up that week – it is not deducted.

Pay Day

Employees will be paid regularly on the 15th and last day of every month via direct deposit. Deductions required by law will be (ahem) deducted. If pay day lands on a weekend or holiday, payment will come through on the business day before

Work Hours

The standard workweek is Monday through Friday, 7:55am to 5pm-ish. Take 45 minutes for lunches – no smoke breaks. However the IT world is 24x7x365 and your job may require more hours during projects or emergencies. You can expect to work, on average, 45 hours per week.

Time Out

If you need an hour here or there for doctor, personal, or whatever – take it. Just remember it’s a give and take – cruise out for an hour and skip lunch or stay late. Everyone has a life and we want you to be able to take care of yourself.

Working From Home (WFH)

We are open to it. Come talk to us about it and we will come up with a plan.


During your first year with LeadingIT, you earn 1 day of vacation for every month you work. Work with us for 90 days and you can use your vacation days. After 2 years of service, you will receive one additional vacation day for every year you work, with a cap of 8 extra days. Extra days will be awarded on your anniversary date. Give us two weeks heads up for scheduling. Some final words regarding vacation — and these apply to everyone. We strongly encourage you to take your vacation! You are no fun when you are overworked and restless. Use it or lose it!


New Year’s Day | Memorial Day | July 4th | Labor Day |Thanksgiving Thurs/Friday | Christmas Eve/Day |New Year’s Eve

Benefits + 401K

The all-inclusive package includes paychecks, commissions, health insurance (United Healthcare), life, dental, vision, raises, bonuses, retirement, time off and certifications.

Guideline 401K: LeadingIT will also make safe harbor employer contributions to your 401(k) up to 100% of contributions on the first 4% deferred. Set your contribution rate to at least 4% upon account setup to take full advantage of the match!


If you are reading this, then you have already made a Zenefits account. Let’s get you familiar with what we use it for. You will be able to access a lot from here. Insurance enrollment and plan information, requesting time-off, 401k information, quarterly reviews, etc..

Parental Leave

New parents can take 2 weeks paid for parental leave. As always, we encourage you to discuss with us – family first.

Anniversary Experiences

We will gift $100 for each year of service with an experience of your choosing, use it for something memorable.

The Legal Stuff


Our client’s information and data, our process, our info – it’s confidential. Keep it in the house. Respect HIPAA and privacy.


We are a smoke-free campus, no tobacco, cigarettes, or “vaping”.


Not permitted on our property.

Alcohol and Drugs

Don’t. Seriously. The same with Mary Jane (that’s marijuana).

Company Vehicles

Are for company use only, not for personal. Keep them clean and drive responsibly.


It’s alright to have fun in the workplace. But this isn’t a frat house induction. Bottom line: real harassment will not be tolerated!

Personal Phone/Calls/Texts/Facebook/etc

The good rule here is a few (that’s less than 5) calls a week of several (let’s say 2 or 3) minutes’ length. More than that – not so much. No Facebook, no browsing the internet. Absolutely no job hunting. Also – the only contact information for clients is the work phone number, (815) 308-2095 and the business email @GoLeadingIT.com. Your personal contact information is NOT to be shared with clients or vendors

Acceptable Use Policy

We provide you with our equipment- laptop + desk phone and that is what we expect you to use. You may not use your personal devices for work.

Exit Procedure

Employees who leave the company are respectfully requested to provide at least two weeks’ notice (nothing new here). Employees who are leaving must return all company materials. Finally, all employees have signed confidentiality and non-compete agreements. If you leave, we remind you that you are bound by the terms of those agreements.

Welcome to the team! We are thrilled to have you here. We hope that you will grow, learn and be rewarded as a part of our team for a long time. LeadingIT is here for the success of our clients, our team, and our community.