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April 7, 2020 | By stephen

How Coronavirus Is Forcing Us To Embrace Technology For Good

I believe, in a lot of ways, technology is saving the world. Seriously. Well, right now that’s become a reality. With COVID-19 continuing to force countries all over the world into shelter in place orders, we’re in the middle of a pivotal moment of human history: the new tech revolution.

Staying Connected

From a business perspective, companies and organizations are being forced to pivot their business models and update operations to support a remote working environment. At LeadingIT, in just one week, our ticket count rose 30+% and we moved swiftly to set our clients up for success in this new normal. Our team is sensitive to the fact that this is easier for some than for others, and we are committed to providing our expertise to help those businesses navigate this crisis. Three years ago this would have been way more challenging, but as technology continues to become more sophisticated and internet connections grow stronger, we can implement solutions at a faster turnaround time. 

All that said, the most important factor, I think, is that technology allows us to stay CONNECTED.

Thanks to the cloud, we’re able to store all tools, systems, documents and remote access in a secure, centralized location. At any point in time, our teams can be plugged in from anywhere in the world. And with tools like Slack, Google Apps, Microsoft, FaceTime and Zoom, we have our pick of all the ways we can communicate and collaborate with each other—both at work and at home. Scratch that—they’re kind of the same thing right now. Let’s call it in and outside of work.

Learning to Adapt

Still, a lot of what I’m seeing and reading about is how we’re all isolated right now. Maybe we have immediate family in the same house, a roommate or partner, but for many, myself included, we’re on our own and stuck inside, which can be a scary place to be.

That’s exactly why NOW is the time to push past fear and learn to pivot. Because honestly, all we can do is react to the reality we’re facing and accept the things we can control.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know this isn’t always easy, and yes, sometimes my naturally sunny disposition gets tested. But we have to always come back to the things we have control over and focus our energy on embracing that, and feeling empowered by it. There will be times we can’t change our situation…

…but I don’t think this is one of them.

What’s happening right now is nature telling us to stop, learn and adapt. When we come out the other side of this, I strongly believe we will step into a new era of humanity and community. This has been a huge reality check for all of us to truly appreciate the good in our lives, and cherish our relationships. We have access to SO many ways to stay connected with each other: texting, calls, FaceTime, Messenger, What’s App, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Hangouts to name a few. Normally, I think a lot of people often shy away from this stuff and get too caught up in their own lives and work, but this current state of affairs is forcing all of our hands in an interesting way. It’s time to recalibrate. It’s time to shift. And it’s definitely time to keep living to the fullest.

Hang in there, friends. We’re in this together.

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