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September 16, 2020 | By stephen

How Internet Connectivity Will Shape The Future Of Learning And Its Implications On Learners

People are returning to some normalcy after the initial chaos caused by the pandemic. Things are not exactly as they were before COVID-19. Our ‘new normal’ has brought many changes.

The learning sector is among the areas experiencing changes. Thousands of learners are adopting online learning, and they need fast and reliable internet connections. Some changes have characterized online learning that we have embraced to reduce kids’ exposure to COVID-19.

LeadingIT has been following the changes in the education sector and how it affects our children. LeadingIT offers 24/7, all-inclusive, fast, and friendly technology and cybersecurity support to organizations with 10–200 employees across the Chicagoland area. This article will help you discover how internet connectivity affects the learning sector and its implications on learners.

Adoption Of Online Learning

Thousands of learners are accessing their right to education through online platforms. Learning institutions now offer tutoring through digital platforms, such as Zoom.

Many school districts have given learners and their parents a hybrid option. They can choose in-person learning for a specific number of days and finish the week online or an all virtual option.

The transition to virtual classrooms has changed the learning sector. For example, thousands of students need to access digital learning platforms at the same time. This requirement has put a spotlight on the internet connections of learners.

Internet connectivity varies with learners in different school districts. Besides fluctuating internet strengths, learners have to contend with sharing the connection with their parents, as some parents are working from home.

U.S. Census’s internet connectivity stats show some neighborhoods have little to no internet access. Stakeholders are moving to implement strategies that ensure there is enough connectivity to ensure kids get enough connection to continue with their studies.

Some measures stakeholders are taking to ensure kids have the internet connection to facilitate their learning include:

  1. Some parents are taking up new internet subscriptions to ensure kids have reliable connectivity.
  2. Schools may provide devices and hotspots that support up to five gadgets.
  3. Some school districts and institutions provide areas with computers and internet connections where learners can learn from them, such as fire stations and polling locations.

While many learners are benefiting from these initiatives, connection issues threaten their usefulness.

How Internet Access/Connection Affects Children Doing Remote Learning During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Internet connectivity affects children doing remote learning.

  • Some kids without a stable internet connection are missing out on hours of learning. For example, kids in school districts with little to no internet access fall behind learners in school districts with fast and reliable networks.
  • It affects some students’ performance, as they cannot get quality education throughout. For example, network issues interrupt classes, and students struggle to ask questions during sessions.
  • The disparity in internet connection may affect the learners’ wellbeing. For example, they may struggle to understand and accept the new normal if their connectivity means they cannot learn, mainly if their friends have reliable and fast internet, and they are learning.

Tip: Another important consideration is the mental wellbeing of learners. Most young people do not understand why they cannot go to classrooms, interact with other learners, and need help to accept the change. Helping kids with their wellbeing can help them enjoy the new learning experience.

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