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June 29, 2023 | By christa

Managed IT vs. IT Support: Understanding the Key Differences

When it comes to managing and maintaining IT infrastructure, organizations regularly cite their struggle to stay ahead of the curve, from budgeting for IT expenses to staffing their IT department. It’s here that two distinct approaches — traditional IT support (break-fix support) and managed IT services (always-on support) — come into play. But how do they compare? In this article, we’ll break down what sets these two apart from each other in order to understand which one is better suited for your organization’s needs.

IT Support

Traditional IT support, or “break-fix,” is a reactive approach to solving tech problems. When something goes wrong, businesses call in the experts to get things back up and running. This service often covers hardware malfunctions, software glitches, network issues, and other technical troubleshooting needs.

As the name implies, break-fix support operates on an as-needed basis. Businesses may use their in-house technicians to deal with problems as they arise or just pay for outside services when they need them. While this model provides flexibility for occasional hiccups along the way (as well as some budget relief), it doesn’t cover proactive solutions like preventative maintenance.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services provide a comprehensive, proactive approach to keeping your business running smoothly. As opposed to waiting for problems to arise, managed IT providers take preventative measures by monitoring and managing your tech infrastructure around the clock. From network maintenance to cybersecurity solutions, software updates, and hardware support – managed IT services cover a wide range of services.

Tapping into the expertise of dedicated professionals allows businesses to stay ahead of technical troubles while maintaining optimal performance levels. By outsourcing IT management to a managed services provider (MSP), downtime will be minimized and security kept up-to-date.

How Do They Differ?

The essential difference between managed IT services and traditional IT support services lies in their approach to IT management. While traditional support takes a reactive approach, dealing with issues as they arise, managed IT services are all about prevention – monitoring systems continuously to intervene before things get critical. This proactive mindset minimizes downtime, bolsters security, and boosts overall productivity.

Managed IT services provide businesses access to an extensive range of specialized expertise that may otherwise be costly or unavailable in-house. On the other hand, standard tech support usually relies on single consultants or technicians – limiting their knowledge base and resources significantly.

But what about budgeting for these more robust services? These plans typically come with fixed monthly subscription rates so budgeting is never a hassle. Plus, businesses usually experience cost savings with this service. In fact, a study by CompTIA found that 50% of businesses that used an MSP experienced yearly IT expense savings of between 1% and 4%, 33% experienced savings of between 25 and 49%, and 13% experienced savings of over 50%.

Switching to an MSP allows for the downsizing of on-site hardware and other components, like energy consumption and physical space. To add to the savings, all licenses, training, and consultancies are consolidated into one monthly cost – so no need to skimp on these services in order to stay within budget!

Be Proactive About Your Business

Managed IT services has become an invaluable asset as the ultimate tool for companies looking to stay ahead of the digital game – offering proactive maintenance, comprehensive security measures, and 24/7 access to experienced professionals dedicated to optimizing your infrastructure. By opting for managed solutions instead of traditional break-fix strategies, organizations can minimize downtime risks while maximizing efficiency across all fronts.

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