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February 6, 2017 | By stephen

Not All IT Companies Are Equal – How To Compare Them

The truth is that QUALITY technology support that prevents common issues, provides true security, keeps systems running smoothly comes at a price.  Hiring, training, and retaining high quality talent is NOT cheap.  Leveraging the right tools and PROCESSES takes time and again costs money, but provides faster more reliable response to issues.

Quite often, we have found the competition isn’t nearly as RESPONSIVE nor do they have the tools and BEST PRACTICES to keep technology running securely and SMOOTHLY.  Have any support company you may interview:

·         Provide survey results, feedback, and/or client testimonials

·         Share and prove their numbers to you (ie response time)

·         Learn about the current team members to evaluate their knowledge and ability to support you as a client

·         Have them lay out an action plan for a potential major issue

·         Show off their documentation systems that help speed resolution of issues

Technology is never perfect.  But it’s important to truly understand the capabilities and VALUES of the technology support company you hire.

Not all backup solutions are equal.  Similarly, we find a blanket line item in regards to backups.  There are hundreds of methods and solutions for backups.  Downtime can cost thousands of dollars every minute. In an outage or disaster, seconds count. The faster you can recover, the faster you can get back to taking care of customers and being productive.

Our solution provides the following:  backs ups ALL servers entirely (image-based) locally EVERY hour, securely sends those backups to our Cloud provider EACH night, daily screenshot verification monitoring and maintenance done in-house DAILY, and provides a cloud server spare should things go horribly wrong.  Very few solutions provide this same LEVEL of coverage – choose wisely. Read more here Not all backup solutions are equal

Technology support company red flags

Here are 10 things to LOOK OUT for when interviewing or hiring an IT support company:

·         No client testimonials

·         No industry recognition or awards

·         No E&O insurance (request a copy)

·         They don’t track issues or tickets within a system

·         They need to be notified when things are “down”

·         Lack of response

·         Don’t publish their numbers (ie response time, satisfaction)

·         Cheaper offering than competition – quality support costs more

At LeadingIT, we have been providing award winning technology support to Chicagoland organizations since 2010.  We hold a 95+% client satisfaction rating and maintain a 1 hour response time.  We provide truly ALL-inclusive technology support to more than 80 clients with over 2500 end users across Chicagoland.  Learn more at

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