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July 1, 2022 | By stephen

How Phishing Simulations Can Improve The Security Of Your Organization

According to an IBM study. This is why it’s integral for businesses to take steps to secure their data from bad actors. In fact, data breaches and cyber-attacks represent one of the costliest threats to businesses today. And one of the leading causes of data breaches is phishing.

What is Phishing?

One of the most effective types of cyberattacks over the past few years has been phishing. Phishing attacks happen when a person sends a fraudulent message that appears to come from a trusted source. It is normally carried out via email. According to a Proofpoint survey, 83% of organizations fell victim to an email-based phishing attack in 2021, with 54% reporting dealing with over three cyberattacks in the same year.

Phishing puts individuals and organizations at risk because it gives cyber-criminals access to proprietary company information, personal data, financial information, and other sensitive information.

In fact, some companies may be blacklisted by internet or financial services companies in extreme situations of phishing attacks. This prevents the organizations and their staff from communicating with the outside world and paying for goods and services. One of the most effective IT solutions that organizations use to tackle phishing is a phishing test or a phishing simulation.

The Role of IT Services

A phishing test is a practice where security and IT service experts create fake phishing emails and send them to employees. These spoof attacks teach employees how to recognize genuine phishing attempts and how to protect their data from cybercriminals who use this technique.

Phishing tests improve the cybersecurity awareness of employees in a practical, safe setting. Employees gain actual phishing experience while avoiding the risks. They are also given the opportunity to improve their cybersecurity practices in a significant manner. Employees that fail the phishing test are typically given instructions on how to improve their ability to recognize phishing emails in the future.

The Results IT Services Can Give You

Phishing simulations provide several distinct advantages for businesses. This includes raising awareness of potential threats and providing employees with the information they need to identify social engineering attacks. By conducting phishing tests on a regular basis, companies can increase their employees’ cybersecurity awareness and teach them to recognize the major warning signs in phishing emails.

Furthermore, as employees become more aware of potential phishing scenarios, they will act as the first line of defense against such emails. This should be an easy sell to the employees since the lessons learned will also help them outside of work. Anyone can be the target of a phishing or social engineering attack.

Simulated phishing campaigns with proper reporting protocols are a great indication of an organization’s strong security culture. As a result, the likelihood of fraudulent behavior decreases.

Awareness Increases Security

Phishing tests can be a great way to identify any holes or vulnerabilities within an organization. Training can be a great way to increase awareness of potential problems, but a test will ensure the material is being put into practice.

Security is the collective duty of all employees in a company. But people must be aware of the threat in the first place. LeadingIT is an expert in cybersecurity and IT support for companies of all sizes. We provide decades of experience and expertise to ensure your business and data stay safe from cybersecurity threats, so you can focus on what matters.

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