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February 23, 2018 | By stephen

Please Take 2.7 Min To Review This – Or You Could Potentially Leak Company Data Or Worse Lose Company Money

We are seeing a massive influx of EMAIL campaigns oriented to steal your credentials, your company data, or worse company MONEY. We have seen attempts at wire transfer fraud in which spoofers ask for tens of thousands of dollars to be transferred. We have also seen phishing for credentials on the up rise.

Think of this as someone trying to break into your car with your purse or wallet sitting on the front seat. You may have your phone and wallet stolen, then your entire identity. It is very possible this could happen to every one of us. Education is key for prevention.
We’re carefully adjusting filters and doing what we can from a technology perspective, but educating your staff on what to look for is equally, if not more important. Filters are useful but never will be 100% effective. We try to balance the effectiveness of the filter while at the same time not inhibiting workflow and communication, where filters can become too restrictive and might toss out important emails & information.

Unfortunately, email is an insecure method of communication. Anyone can pretend to be someone else – this is called spoofing.

The bad guys are constantly trying to get information out of all of us – this is called phishing.

Here are some tips on how to avoid these issue:

• Double check for spelling errors as they can key you in to a malicious email
• Check the URL and the links for unusual sites or just DON’T click
• Verify via phone or another method with the sender of the email
• If you’re not sure, just bring it to OUR attention

Stay Safe,

Stephen Taylor


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