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April 24, 2019 | By stephen

Protecting Your Business From An Impending Cybersecurity Breach

Trust on the internet is broken. Everyone wants to be private and careful yet- so much of our exact identity and personal information is ON the internet.

Click Click Click…Next Next Next.

People love to push buttons and have immediate results. This is what computers at any business sound and look like. Employees are stressed, overworked and move way too fast. This constant fast, stressful movement is exactly why we ended with adware malware. But this is also exactly how cybersecurity breaches happen. Pushing buttons can lead to a password given up or a wire transfer sent.

Just like good water, filtering in layers matters. This is why two-factor authentication can make your password un-hackable.

Education is critical to prevention. Keep an eye out to all of your personal information on the dark web. This applies to your cloud and prevents stagnation if cloud backups are regular. It is critical in preventing an impending cybersecurity breach. Make sure your technology at your business is a well-oiled machine to protect your business from an impending cybersecurity breach.

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