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March 8, 2018 | By stephen

Is Your IT Provider Keeping Up? Or Constantly Drowning?

You’ve heard it before, the only constant in technology is change. Cybercrime damages cost more than $3 trillion in 2015, representing the greatest transfer of economic wealth in history.  The headlines have been littered with such news on data breaches, hacks and attacks.  It’s crazy!  But before you think “not me”.  Most attacks are happening to small businesses like us, 43% of attacks are TARGETING small businesses.

We’ve seen it first hand – the barrage of ransomware ruining company data, phishing emails crafted to steal credentials, and social engineering designed to extort money.

Is your IT provider keeping up with all of this?

At LeadingIT, we are constantly embracing change ever since our start in 2010.  Not only have we grown from zero employees and zero clients to now a team of 13 supporting more than 2500 end users every day.  We’ve changed from fix anything computer repair shop to only working with organizations on an ALL-inclusive monthly basis. And we are ADAPTING as the technology and security landscape changes – sometimes daily.  Sometimes it feels like we are more of a security company than we do tech support.

Ask yourself these questions about your current IT provider:

  • Do they continue to make recommendations for new hardware and upgrades?
  • Do they bring new features and services to protect your company and educate your teams?
  • Are they educating you and your team to what threats are happening currently?
  • Are they making you aware of importance of security measures and the threats in cybersecurity?

If not – it may be a sign that they aren’t adapting to this constant rate of change in technology and security. Stay safe and secure out there!

-Stephen Taylor

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