Our Awesome Client Referral Program

We are always looking for more great clients to work with (what business isn’t?). We’d love to meet other businesses with 20-100 PCs in the Chicagoland area.  Typically we work with law offices, accounting firms, non-for-profits, service companies, and manufacturers. If you know someone who is worried about any aspect of their business technology, do them a favor and put them in touch with us.

Here is how the program works:

  • We will pay you $100 for your referral.
  • And, we will give your referral $100 off their purchase.
  • Easy.

 Here’s How it Works

By recommending partners, associates, or professional contacts, you can help them enjoy worry-free IT and reap some rewards for yourself. Here is how you can earn some CASH:

  • Send us the info of a company with 20 or more PCs.
  • We’ll reach out to them with your name and see how we can help.
  • We send you a check for $100.
  • We will also give your friend a $100 discount off our services.

Call us at (815) 308-2095 or fill out the form below with your referral information.