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October 17, 2018 | By stephen

How To Save Thousands During Next Year’s Annual Technology Budget

Technology is expensive. From annual investments in new hardware, to enhanced software that improves your business, and fast friendly IT support; technology can become an expensive line item in your annual budget.

Let’s review some key areas where you can potentially save THOUSANDS in your annual technology budget.

Network hardware like firewalls, switches, cabling, and access points provide the base layers of a network. If anything goes wrong here it typically impacts your ENTIRE organization. Take this example – a switch connects all devices on your network. 

When they fail they don’t typically break down, instead they cause issues like super slow connections across the network. And because a network can have so many devices, switches and the like it can take hours to trace the culprit. 

So your network is limping along, your people can barley accomplish any work, and your IT company is tracing issues for hours. 

How much is that downtime worth, or rather costing you?

$5M company down for 2 hours – $5,000 lost

Meanwhile a better quality HP Procure switch with a lifetime warranty costs about $500, a few hundred more than the unreliable brands.

Seems like a pretty good way to save some money this next year.

Here is another quick example of money lost due to bad technology. New workstations provide more speed and reliability over older ones. 

Take into account each of your $50,000 year employees that is 5% less efficient because of a slow unreliable workstation (about 10 hours lost per year) – $2,500 lost productivity each year

Replace with HP Pro Desk that costs about $800 and replace every 3 years or $25/month.

When you make INVESTMENTS in technology you save your organization immensely over time.

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