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October 13, 2023 | By christa

Strategic IT Choices: Internal Teams vs. Managed Service Providers

From cybersecurity threats and network complexities to software issues and hardware malfunctions, the demands on IT professionals are multifaceted. The notion that one internal IT person can handle all aspects of an organization’s digital infrastructure is, more often than not, wishful thinking. As technology becomes more complex, the challenges and threats faced by businesses also grow exponentially. The need for comprehensive IT support provided by managed service providers, or MSPs, has never been more vital.

This article will discuss why organizations need MSPs and how they can work in harmony with internal IT teams to better support business IT needs.

Why Organizations Need Managed Services

Managed service providers offer businesses a robust solution to navigate the intricacies of modern technology. They serve as dedicated partners, equipped with the expertise and resources needed to provide layers of protection against cyber threats, ensuring the security and functionality of a company’s IT systems.

In short, MSPs do the following for organizations:

  • Provide cost-efficient solutions, allowing businesses to transform fixed IT costs into flexible expenses, enhancing financial adaptability.
  • Grant access to specialized skills and expertise across diverse IT areas, ensuring a wide range of knowledge and solutions.
  • Offer scalability, enabling businesses to adjust IT resources according to their evolving needs.
  • Provide round-the-clock monitoring, ensuring swift issue detection and resolution, reducing downtime, and enhancing reliability.
  • Implement resilient security measures to protect against evolving threats, ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.
  • Stay abreast of the latest technologies and trends, enabling businesses to adopt innovative solutions, maintain competitiveness, and streamline operations.

Not only do managed services provide a comprehensive and efficient approach to IT needs, but companies are also likely to experience cost savings when working with MSPs. A study by the McKinsey Global Institute indicates that outsourcing IT services can lead to a substantial 60% cost reduction in the United States.

Seamless Collaboration: MSPs and Internal IT Teams

One misconception about MSPs is that they replace internal IT teams. In reality, MSPs can complement and enhance the capabilities of existing IT staff. Internal IT staff’s insider knowledge is vital for aligning IT solutions with company goals, while MSPs offer industry-wide expertise. Together, their collaboration produces powerful outcomes.

Also, with IT and cybersecurity worries taken care of, internal IT staff are free to focus on their core business activities and strategic planning – helping drive the success of your venture. In fact, 57% of businesses recognize that offloading these responsibilities allows them to concentrate more deeply on core business values.

Collaborative efforts between both types of IT support create a well-rounded IT strategy, maximizing efficiency.

Warning Signs that an MSP is Needed

Are you wondering if it’s time to partner with an MSP? Here are some warning signs to watch for:

Seeing more cyber threats or successful attacks? 

It might mean your current security isn’t cutting it – a cue that you need an MSP to help implement stronger security measures.

Experiencing constant downtimes, slow IT responses, or nagging tech issues? 

It may be time to consider external expertise – MSPs can smooth out those bumps by providing extra support.

Feeling stuck with new tech or backup solutions?

MSPs offer the guidance needed to make these transitions seamless.

Expanding your business, but your IT systems are getting complicated? 

If your in-house team is overwhelmed, MSPs can step in, offering the needed scalability and expertise.

Conclusion: It Takes a Team

The complexity of modern technology, coupled with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, demands a comprehensive IT strategy that goes beyond the capabilities of one internal IT person. Managed service providers have emerged as indispensable partners for organizations seeking robust, scalable, and cost-efficient IT solutions. With MSPs as strategic partners, organizations are empowered to focus on growth, innovation, and delivering exceptional value to their clients, while their IT needs are expertly managed.

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