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4 Tips to Get the Best Support Possible

When in doubt reboot:

You’d be surprised how many issues we can fix, just by rebooting the computer. Save your work first.

Use our app or send an email:

If your issue is less urgent, use our Help@GoLeadingIT app on your computer, or send an email to help@goleadingit.com to let us know the issue you’re having.

Call first if it’s an emergency:

If its mission critical, please call our main line at (815) 308-2095 to talk to one of us immediately.

Use the subject line wisely:

Like you, we get a lot of email, it makes our job easier (and quicker for you) to read “Cannot print to HP LaserJet” versus every message saying “HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

Our Help@GoLeadingIT app is our “exploded circle” logo in the bottom right of your computer. From here you can submit a new ticket, review all tickets, and more.

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