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January 4, 2021 | By stephen

Tech Tip: Handle Changing Cybersecurity Threats With Agility

If your firm has operations or client data that needs protection, you need reliable cybersecurity to safeguard them. Today’s IT security measures focus on the breach’s aftermath. They struggle to detect and isolate various threats to mount a response.

IT teams struggle to manage false positives and respond to breaches. Their woes originate from their inability to distinguish various threats. Many programs by vendors claim to offer protection, but they hardly do it.

What the software or applications do is detect something and alert a security event and information system. This action stretches the IT team, as essential personnel chase false alarms. The program will only help with future threats if they look like something seen earlier, causing problems in an era where cybersecurity threats always change.

What’s The Cost Of A Cyber Breach To A Small Business?

Cybercriminals know the vulnerability of most cybersecurity programs and exploit them. They change their attack patterns, making the defense software useless against their breaches. Organizations have severe cyberattacks that lead to various issues, such as downtimes, loss of data, loss of revenue, and reputational damage. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report, American companies spend an average of $8.64 million to mitigate the effects of a breach.

As people leverage technology for their social life, entertainment, and work, cybercriminals target them to steal their data or ransom them. These attacks are irritating and can affect daily life. Private entities need top-notch security to safeguard their activities and satisfy clients. The new cybersecurity transformation should protect networks and devices from the advanced attack patterns used by cyber attackers.

How Can You Rely On Flexibility And Agility To Safeguard Your Networks?

People continue to look at historical data to get insights on how they can protect themselves in the future. They approach cybersecurity with the mentality that ‘this attack happened, so how can we protect ourselves from a similar breach.’ This strategy can give an organization a false sense of confidence.

Cybercriminals know that malware and antivirus programs protect systems against known threats. They change their craft to exploit loopholes in these applications. Your firm can be a victim of their attacks if you do not keep up with them.

Being flexible and agile in safeguarding networks and devices means looking at the past and looking ahead. You should respond to actual threats quickly to mitigate their effects. According to the Ponemon Institute, IT teams spend at least 25% of their time dealing with false positives. This time could help to prevent future attacks.

Your IT Team Needs To Establish An Incident Response Plan

Mainstream defense struggles with many false positives. Cybersecurity teams allocate a lot of resources to pursue potential threats that end up being harmless. The false positives stretch IT teams, making workers exhausted and overworked. These occurrences affect employees’ wellbeing and productivity. Organizations spend a lot of resources on these low-value tasks, showing a significant issue with mainstream defense.

False positives stretch resourceful employees until they do the bare minimum. They chalk post-event responses as a win and equate it to cybersecurity. If the system needs patching after an attack, that is all they do. They may go an extra mile to avoid a similar attack in the future.

What Is The Risk Of Not Having An Incident Response Plan?

The IT team may not put adequate measures to prevent a breach, resulting in the cyber attackers getting through your defense protocols. It is easy to blame employees for a somehow passive approach, but it is not their fault. If you must blame something, blame the system they use.

The common saying ‘prevention is better than cure’ must also apply with cybersecurity. Our primary strategy should not be to react to the bad guys but to stop them. You will need an intuitive program and trained staff to implement a proactive cybersecurity program. A proactive approach seeks to identify and deal with the cybercriminals’ attack methods. You recognize their attempts to bypass your cybersecurity measures and stop them on their track.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Proactive Cybersecurity Approach To Your Organization?

You may enjoy various benefits of a proactive cybersecurity program.

  • You Get to Take Care of Your Employees’ Welfare: Your workers will benefit from not spending a lot of time chasing false positives, meaning they will not tire of harmless things. They will only follow up with severe threats.
  • You Have an Easy Time Satisfying Your Clients’ Needs: You will not have downtimes caused by breaches that can affect your ability to meet your clients’ requirements.
  • Its a Good Step in Preventing Expensive Breaches: Avoiding costly attacks means you will spend your scarce resources in areas that need them.
  • You Protect Sensitive Information: Losing clients’ data can affect your brand. Attackers may distribute the information online, breaching the privacy requirements of your clients. A proactive cybersecurity approach stops this occurrence.
  • Helps to Avoid Legal Issues: Law enforcement agencies and clients can sue you if you have subpar cybersecurity protocols. Being proactive helps you avoid problems that can lead to hefty fines or settlements.

Transform Your Organization’s Cybersecurity With LeadingIT

LeadingIT offers 24/7, all-inclusive, fast, and friendly technology and cybersecurity support for nonprofits, manufacturers, schools, accounting firms, religious organizations, government, and law offices with 10-200 employees across the Chicagoland area.

Our team can help you deploy proactive cybersecurity protocols to protect your networks and devices. Our experts will analyze your network or staff vulnerabilities and advise you on the best course to safeguard your system. We will implement a monitoring program to ensure our approaches yield the desired results.

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