Honestly, your company is exactly what we needed!! As an office manager of a medium-size law firm, I wear many hats throughout the day. The fact that you make it so easy for our employees to reach out to you directly through your help app has made my life so much easier. I no longer have to answer questions regarding printers, time clock, emails, computers, etc. My response is now “did you submit a ticket to LeadingIT”? ?

Your staff is quick to respond and FIXES THE PROBLEM!! You don’t know how happy that makes us! We have not been able to upgrade our server in quite a number of years due to the outrageous quotes we were getting from other IT companies. You made it affordable for us and we can finally upgrade not only our server, but other software as well.

When Dave came to our office, he did an internet speed test and looked at our equipment. He gave us suggestions on replacing our modem and updating our agreement with Comcast. Dave also looked at our phone bill and gave us suggestions on that as well. We finally feel like we have an IT company that actually cares about our business.

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