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June 18, 2019 | By stephen

Thing #2: Enable 2FA. (But What Is Two Factor Authentication (2FA) And Why Is It So Important)?

Simply, two-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection for user accounts. To log-in, you’ll need something you know (your password) and something you hold (such as your smartphone).

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First things first, passwords are NOT good enough. Just like continuously changing technology, cybercrime is ever changing and has unfortunately becomes more commonplace. Passwords are NOT foolproof because people choose simple passwords (such as ABC123 or their middle name and the year they were born).

Today’s users have so many accounts: work logins, online banking, games, online shopping etc. Because of this, people want to make things easier by recycling the same password for all of their accounts. Do not do this! This is dangerous and makes hackers very susceptible to retrieve your information across all of your accounts. Once they find out your one password for all- then they have the key to all of your information.
It is so important to create completely unique passwords to your accounts. In combination to assigning unique passwords, this is why a second layer of protection is vital to keeping your information safe.

A couple common forms of 2FA are adding your cell number to your account or installing an authentication application. This additional layer of protection will notify you if there is suspicious activity to your account and can save you from loss.
Avoid falling victim to having your information hacked by implementing 2FA to your accounts, in ADDITION, to creating unique passwords.

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