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April 14, 2022 | By stephen

Vulnerability Scan: Identify and Prioritize Unknown Cyber Threats

A rule of thumb in cybersecurity is that everybody is a potential target. You’re not safe, regardless of your organization’s size or industry. And that’s why vulnerability scans are crucial—they can help you gauge your cybersecurity posture, trace your digital footprint, and identify areas that need adjustments.

When you’re sick, you may rush to the doctor. But you don’t have to wait until bed-ridden to visit a hospital. Sometimes, you go to the doctor for routine checkups to ensure everything is okay. Similarly, you don’t wait for your car to break down before taking it to a mechanic. Regular garage visits for routine maintenance can increase the car’s lifespan. Why should cybersecurity be any different?

How Safe Is Your Chicagoland Business From Cyberattacks?

Whenever we advise businesses to conduct vulnerability scans, they may think we are trying to market them a product. And when we tell them that the audit is free and requires zero commitment, some say, “nobody wants to hack us” or “we are fine.” Some even say, “we are too small to be a target; we have nothing that the bad guys would want.”

So, how safe is your Chicagoland business from cyberattacks? The short answer is that you’re never safe. According to the 2019 Varonis Data Risk Report, only 5% of corporate folders have proper protection. The bad news is that almost 70% of business executives feel that their cybersecurity risks are increasing in volume and severity. So, before you say you’re safe, look at the trends and statistics.

What If You Have An IT Support Team?

Having an IT team shows you take cybersecurity seriously. Ideally, the team should monitor your systems, develop and deploy intrusion detection and prevention strategies, and keep staff informed. What if they are not doing these?

Your relationship with the IT support team may be delicate, and we wouldn’t want to come in between in any way. As a business leader, you must occasionally delegate and trust. However, trust should not be blind, especially if your reputation is in the balance.

There’s no doubt that IT is the backbone of your day-to-day operations. Network downtime and other IT disruptions can stall everything, from production to marketing and sales. One honest mistake can bring your business to its knees, even from a well-intentioned person. So, it’s not just your reputation at stake; your money is also on balance. Therefore, even as you trust your service providers, it never hurts to occasionally validate that they’re doing what you expect of them.

What Should Comprehensive Vulnerability Scans Assess?

A vulnerability scan isn’t a witch-hunt on your IT support services provider. It’s an honest, comprehensive IT infrastructure review to spot systemic vulnerabilities that expose you to hacks and breaches. Some areas may cover:

  • Physical security: The scan can focus on role-based access controls, disc encryption, and biometric data. Which measures do you have to safeguard your files from physical compromise?
  • Operational security: Which cybersecurity policies and protocols do you have to guide day-to-day operations. The scan might also look at their responsiveness.
  • Data security: How do you protect your files and credentials during collection, transit, and storage?
  • System security: What are your protocols for monitoring and managing systems access and enforcing privileged access?
  • Network security: The scan focuses on the security controls, network visibility, Security Operation Centers (SOCs), antivirus configurations, and similar techniques to shield your environment from unauthorized access.
  • Dark web monitoring: A vulnerability scan can also review the dark web to check if your files or credentials are up for sale.

Introducing Our Confidential, Painless CyberSCORE Vulnerability Scan

Why pay for a vulnerability scan when we offer it for free? LeadingIT’s CyberSCORE vulnerability scan is a confidential, zero-obligation service available for all Chicagoland businesses. How does it work?

  1. First, we will spend about half an hour having a non-technical conversation about your opinion on your organization’s IT security.
  2. Next, we will conduct a non-invasive investigation of your backups, network, and security protocols to gauge your posture. You don’t have to inform your current IT company of the audit, or we can involve them. We often advise clients to keep it confidential because even the bad guys don’t announce when they’re coming.
  3. We will then spend another hour with you to explain our discoveries.
  4. If we identify any glitches, we will develop a Security Action Plan for you for free. You can choose to work with us to implement it or retain your current team.

LeadingIT offers 24/7, all-inclusive, fast, and friendly technology and cybersecurity support for nonprofits, manufacturers, schools, accounting firms, religious organizations, government, and law offices with 10-200 employees across the Chicagoland area.

Do you need cybersecurity support to protect your business? Leave a message for us and we will get back to you right away.



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