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December 29, 2023 | By christa

Why Break-Fix Small Business IT Support is Costing You More

What’s your go-to strategy when something breaks at work? If your answer leans toward reactive solutions, you might be practicing something we call break-fix IT.

This article delves into the downsides of the break-fix model, shedding light on why opting for managed IT services could be a more cost-effective and strategic approach for small and mid-sized businesses.

What is a Break-Fix Model?

A break-fix model in IT is a reactive approach where businesses seek help only when issues arise, paying for services on a per-incident or hourly basis.

An apt analogy is waiting for your car to break down before you address the illuminated check engine light with your mechanic. By the time you get it checked out, you could be facing a bigger problem.

The issues with this model become evident when applied to the intricate landscape of IT systems.

The Issues with Break-Fix IT


Unpredictable Costs and The Value of Time

The primary pitfall of break-fix IT lies in the unpredictability of costs. When IT issues occur, businesses often find themselves paying hourly rates or per incident, leading to unpredictable and potentially significant expenses. The underlying principle is that time is money, and every moment spent resolving an issue translates to lost productivity and revenue.

Hidden Threats and Evolving Issues

In addition to the direct costs, break-fix IT exposes businesses to hidden threats. Minor IT issues, if left unaddressed, can evolve into large-scale threats such as security breaches or system failures. Without proactive monitoring, these issues may go unnoticed until they reach critical levels, putting the entire business at risk.

Why Managed Small Business IT Support Serves You Better


Proactive Management

Managed IT services offer a proactive approach to IT support, where potential issues are addressed and fixed before they escalate. This proactive management not only prevents downtime but also minimizes the costs associated with reactive problem-solving.

Ongoing Maintenance and Monitoring

Unlike break-fix models, managed IT services rely on continuous monitoring and maintenance of the entire IT system. This ensures that potential issues are identified and fixed promptly, leading to smooth operations with minimal downtime. Businesses benefit from a stable and secure IT infrastructure, contributing to increased productivity and a reduction in overall IT support service costs over time.

Essential for Complex Systems

A managed approach becomes essential for businesses with numerous endpoints and complex IT systems. The interconnected nature of modern IT environments requires continuous oversight to ensure seamless operations and data security.

A Call to Proactive IT Support

The true cost of downtime goes beyond the immediate expenses incurred in fixing IT issues. Break-fix IT support, with its reactive nature, exposes businesses to unpredictable costs and hidden threats that can significantly impact productivity and overall business success. On the contrary, managed IT services offer a proactive and strategic alternative, providing ongoing maintenance, monitoring, and cost predictability.

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