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August 11, 2023 | By christa

5 Benefits of Simulated Cybersecurity Attacks

Security measures, such as firewalls and anti-virus software, are the first thing people think of when discussing cybersecurity. But what about simulated cybersecurity attacks?

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a way to prepare a company in the event a cyber attack occurs. When thinking of ways to protect your company from a cybersecurity attack, you’re probably not considering a simulated attack as your first option. But, as many businesses know all too well, cyber incidents happen every day. One of the most effective ways to safeguard your business is with simulated cybersecurity training. Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Simulated Cybersecurity Attack?

Simulated cybersecurity attacks, often referred to as ‘red teaming’ or ‘penetration testing,’ involve mimicking the techniques of real attackers to test a company’s cybersecurity defenses. This process is more than just assessing their hardware and software security – it also helps staff prepare for real-world scenarios. By simulating attacks, businesses can identify weak spots before bad actors exploit them, giving peace of mind that their systems are secure and employees are ready for whatever comes their way.

Benefits of Simulated Cybersecurity Attacks

Here are the key benefits of simulated cybersecurity attacks:

  1. Proactive Defense

Simulated attacks allow businesses to adopt a proactive approach to their cybersecurity solutions. Rather than waiting for an actual attack to uncover their weaknesses (and do a lot of reputational and financial damage in the process), businesses can take a proactive stance against cyber threats by running simulated attacks. These simulations are effective in identifying potential vulnerabilities before they become exploited.

  1. Training and Awareness

Simulations provide employees with valuable hands-on training that helps them better understand the nature of cyber threats and how to respond appropriately should one arise. This type of training is key in reducing the risk of successful malicious attempts, as human error often plays a role in creating those opportunities for attackers. In fact, human error accounts for over  88% of all data breaches. Businesses have the power to strengthen their defenses and protect themselves by showing employees first-hand what to look for, how to prevent cyber attacks, and what to do if the situation arises.

  1. Testing Incident Response Plans

Any business needs an incident response plan outlining the necessary steps for responding to cyber-attacks. Though developing a response strategy is important, it’s only effective when tested under real circumstances. This is why simulated attacks are so valuable — they give businesses a chance to trial their plans and make improvements where needed.

  1. Building Confidence and Trust

Regularly conducting simulated cyberattacks can boost confidence and trust among stakeholders, showing them that the business is dedicated to cybersecurity. This will reassure customers, clients, and investors that their data is safe in the hands of this company.

  1. Compliance and Auditing

For businesses to comply with regulations, they must have robust cybersecurity measures in place. Simulated attacks can provide evidence of these measures and make the auditing process a lot simpler. With this approach, it is easier for organizations to demonstrate that their security protocols meet all necessary standards.

Be Proactive About Cybersecurity

Not only will these simulations strengthen your defenses, but they will also train employees on the proper response plan if an attack were to occur — all while building trust with customers. Ultimately, these simulations can save you from costly damages caused by real cyber-attacks that are sure to come down the line due to our ever-changing digital landscape. Remember, in the realm of cybersecurity solutions, it’s always better to be proactive than reactive.

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