How Often Should Your Company Upgrade IT Equipment?

With the increased adoption of the internet and the continual integration of technology into business processes, Information Technology is no longer a luxury. From product designing to manufacturing, market research, advertising, collecting consumer feedback, sales, name it; almost every modern-day business operation depends on IT. Therefore, it's crucial to ensure that you have the best IT infrastructure running as efficiently as possible.

FBI Warns of Hackers Mailing Ransomware-Infected USBs

The FBI recently released a warning to all US organizations to be cautious with unsolicited mails with USBs. The agency says that cyber actors use this new trick to introduce malware into corporate networks. This article explains how these malware-infected USBs work, who is responsible and highlights how to keep your Chicagoland organization safe from ransomware.

LeadingIT Acquires Dura-Tech Enterprises Further Expanding Chicagoland Presence

Top 250 MSSP announces its second MSP acquisition in Chicagoland

Chicago, IL  (February 1st, 2022):  LeadingIT, a Chicagoland cybersecurity and IT support company, announced today the acquisition of Dura-Tech Enterprises, a cyber focused technology solutions provider based in Manteno, IL, working with businesses to protect their organization and improve their technology in the South Chicagoland area.

Resolve To Secure Your Data In The New Year

Data is the new oil—you've probably heard this a million times. Information is every organization's most priceless asset. How well you collect, store, analyze, and use data plays a significant role in your company's survival and growth.

It's because of data that you have an IT support team.

Securing Your Backups From Ransomware

Ransomware is inarguably the most prominent type of malware. Initially, ransomware attacks were unsophisticated hacks on personal devices where cyber attackers demanded a few bucks as ransom. However, as technology continually becomes an integral part of business processes, cyber actors have advanced their tactics and "commercialized" ransomware.