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April 18, 2018 | By stephen

IT Now Means ‘Intelligent Technology’ And Your Business Needs To Step Up

In a Fortune article, the CEO of Insight Enterprises, an Arizona based IT company, has a warning for American business leaders. The world, he says, is shifting from old “information technology” to cutting edge “intelligent technology” and if you don’t embrace the changes you will lose.

There’s an urgency to Lamneck’s warning about the fast-pace growth of intelligent technology. “It’s the source of how companies innovate. It’s the source of how companies collaborate,” he says, “and very importantly, how companies differentiate themselves from their competition.”

Insight Enterprises (NSIT) stands to gain from this trend. It specializes in helping companies transition their I-T from a back-office function to the core of their operations, much like LeadingIT takes over the role of technology support department in a business.

What is the downside risk for companies that wait? “They’ll be disintermediated,” Lamneck tells Fortune. “We’ve seen so many industries where companies missed the wave because they’re not embracing technology to really take them to that next frontier.”

The other risk, predicts Lamneck, is companies will have difficulty hiring those smart, innovative millennials that are in great demand. “They want modern workplaces. They want modern tool sets,” Lamneck explains. “They’re used to using very modern systems and modern applications. They want that same experience, same environment.”

So, what do we propose you do as a business leader?

1) Look at your current IT support and ask yourself “is this working?” Whether you have a department, a guy, or a third-party company outsourced you need to answer HECK YES, because a lukewarm “yeah sort-of” does not work.
2) Allocate a tech budget because Lamneck is right. If you are not up to speed with technology or feel its ease of use, your clients will not want to work with you and look elsewhere.
3) Think of tech as an investment because times are changing! With cybercrime on the rise, your data and its’ safety should be top priority. Investing in proper cybersecurity software and hiring a trustworthy tech support company like LeadingIT is an investment for your company’s future success.
4) Choose monthly all-inclusive LeadingIT does this flawlessly, taking the headache out of ala carte pricing, upcharges, and hourly costs. There are no surprises, but just one consistent price a month.

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