Why You Should Be Worried About Nation-State 2.0

Every cyber-security-conscious business leader must recognize the heightened threat levels from nation-state warfare attacks and proactively plan to avert them. Here's why.

Cyber-warfare has been a headache for IT experts since time immemorial, and it seems to be getting more severe by the day.

How SolarWinds Hack Has Reshaped Congress’ Cybersecurity Agenda

Several cybersecurity experts have described the recent SolarWinds hack as one of the worst supply chain attacks on U.S. government agencies and private organizations. Even as more details continue to emerge about the breach, it's quite clear that the 117th Congress will prioritize legislation to prevent similar onslaughts on U.S. technologies.

Thing #1: Prepare For The End Of Windows 7

Our 3 part-series, 3 Things Every Business Needs to Accomplish in the Next 6 Months, launches today. The first article in our series is regarding the critical process of preparing for the end of Windows 7. 


Do Windows pop-up's on the corner of your computer annoy you? Those reminders aren't there to pest you, but to warn you about the critical end of Windows 7. In January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported or patched by Microsoft.

New Year, New Tech Meltdown

News this week: You may be seeing headlines and emails regarding CPU flaws and vulnerabilities named Meltdown and Spectre. As always, we are aware and working on it.

Meltdown and Spectre are CPU hardware design flaws that we techies understand. In a nutshell, Meltdown breaks the isolation between the user app and the operating system, so the app can do a memory dump and steal any data in it.

Another Worldwide Cyberattack Called GoldenEye (Not The Video Game)

Meet the sequel to WannaCry, the wide-ranging ransomware attack that crippled businesses around the globe last month. A wave of ransomware attacks spread like wildfire on Tuesday. Many Microsoft Windows-based computers—specifically, ones not protected against a vulnerability in a Microsoft messaging protocol called SMB-1—began seizing up worldwide, locking employees out of their desktops, and displaying ransom notes.

More Options For Cellular Coverage – And Some Unlimited

For years Verizon and AT&T have ruled (and battled) the mobile market.  T-Mobile has also become an interesting option recently as Sprint falls behind the market in service.  But now there are new options from both Xfinity and Virgin.

Xfinity has also just introduced their own mobile service plan with Xfinity Mobile.