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June 12, 2019 | By stephen

Thing #1: Prepare For The End Of Windows 7

Our 3 part-series, 3 Things Every Business Needs to Accomplish in the Next 6 Months, launches today. The first article in our series is regarding the critical process of preparing for the end of Windows 7. 


Do Windows pop-up’s on the corner of your computer annoy you? Those reminders aren’t there to pest you, but to warn you about the critical end of Windows 7. In January 2020, Windows 7 will no longer be supported or patched by Microsoft.

How does this affect you?

Do you still have Windows 7 workstations in your fleet? Then this applies to you. In January 2020, the OS that your computers use will be out of date and unsupported. But the larger issue lies in security because without upgrading the OS, you put your information and data at risk.

Windows 7 will not be patched or updated after January 2020. Which as we saw with Windows XP, Windows 7 will be the ultimate goldmine for cyber criminals. The real problem lies in the security of your network. Your business will be vulnerable to cyber criminals as Microsoft will not patch or update Windows 7 anymore.

It may seem like a choice, but as a business owner that genuinely cares about the betterment of your company, this is an absolute requirement.

What do you do?

We are already halfway through the year – so work to replace or update any dated workstations. There will be a surge of companies racing to make upgrades with their IT providers. Avoid the crunch and start the process now. Call your IT provider. If your IT provider doesn’t advise you or stress urgency of the end of Windows 7, do not settle for subpar IT.

This is a critical point for your business and changing your work station can save you time, money and even more importantly, the viability of your business.

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